Become a Volunteer

Together we can achieve the extraordinary! Volunteers on the Elementary campus are greatly appreciated for there are many opportunities for helping. Everyday you might see a mom, dad, grandparent, aunt or uncle listening to young readers, working with the children in the garden, presenting a fine art masterpiece lesson, or science project. Volunteers are always needed to drive on field trips, organize room celebrations, make classroom materials, and help write grants. Don't forget that there are also many fundraising opportunities, and PTO events that will need a lot of help and support.

Volunteers on the Toddler/ Primary campus find there are varied opportunities for helping. Family members can be seen reading stories, demonstrating dances or songs from their heritage, working on room celebrations, presenting masterpiece art lessons or taking class pictures. Several volunteers work from the home making classroom materials. Our parents also work closely with PTO events.

Every family is required to volunteer at least fifteen hours per child- and most find that this is an easy job to do. We understand that not every parent has the time off to be available during class times and if that is the case, a payment of $150 can be made to the PTO for help with their programs.

Volunteer hours are collected in the administrative office on both campuses and will be collected and tallied throughout the year by the PTO.

We want to share your gifts and talents to help make our school the best place for children to learn.