Tax Credit Angels - Thank You!

A special thanks to the following people for dedicating their time to making
this event a HUGE success!

Molly McDonald - Committee Lead
Lawdan Shojaee - Committee Lead
Lisa Camarata - Angel Tax
Bobbie Marciano - Music Auction & Yearbook
Dr. Heather
Corrine Kotila
Camelia Tumminello
Stephanie LaLoggia
Greg & Donna Loynd
Lynette Collins
Kara Tustin
Gail Gust
Fahrli Hashish
Vince & Vanessa Ledesma
Dzeneta Arslanovic
Kenza Park
Kristina Dawson
Amy Bizik
Pamela Simon
Lisa Swift
Jaime Myers
Richard Barrante
Mary Brookhouser
Veronika Burkel
Shabbar Arsiwala
Joslyn Maike
Balaji Venkatachari
Michele Riordan
Susan Ciardullo
Hamid Shojaee
Dave Keating
Michael & Julieann Heathcott
Mike Niemiec

We need your help at our next big event!!

Looking for volunteers to start a Casino Committee for our next event in Spring.
Please contact Lawdan Shojaee at if you're interested!

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